Star Wars: Squadrons

Massive next-gen enhancements are coming for Star Wars: Squadrons

On the Xbox Series X there will be a Performance Mode allowing the game to run at 120fps.

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If you still play Star Wars: Squadrons every now and then, or better yet, haven't played it at all - EA has some good news for you. It is going to deliver some really impressive upgrades for the game to next generation, even though it previously said it would not do this.

The big winner seems to be Xbox Series X, which is getting two modes, one that prioritises graphics with better lighting and higher dynamic 4K resolutions (1440p for Xbox Series S), while still running the game at 60fps. There will also be a Performance Mode, where you can play Star Wars: Squadrons in silky smooth 120fps (both Series S and X), with the option to turn on variable refresh rate (VRR) if your TV supports this. The 120fps mode means you loose the lighting, but it will still be dynamic 4K/1440p.

If you are playing on PlayStation 5, you are also getting the improved lightning but otherwise there are no enhancements. The game will run in the same resolution and frame rate as PlayStation 4 Pro, somewhere between 1440p and 4K in 60fps. No 120fps mode or VRR support will be offered, unfortunately.

Star Wars: Squadrons was released last month and we really liked it. Check out our review where we explain why you should check this out.

Star Wars: Squadrons

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