Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect squad mates Ashley and Kaidan are more popular than Garrus

EA has shared who are the most popular companions in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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There are several really cool characters you can use as squad mates in the Mass Effect series, not to mention fan favourites like Garrus and Tali. But as it turns out, they aren't as much favourites as you might have thought, as EA now reveals that Ashley and Kaidan are actually more popular in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

If you know your Mass Effect, you know these are the least interesting characters in the game, so this is probably quite the surprise for many gamers. While we don't know how EA has measured this, we assume (or perhaps rather hope) it includes people who never finished the game and only played the early parts with only these two snore fests as available options.

Here are the most popular characters of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition:

  1. Kaidan

  2. Ashley

  3. Garrus

  4. Tali

  5. Wrex

  6. Liara

Is this in line with what you expected?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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