Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect: New Earth ride opens in American theme park

Next stop for Shepard: California's Great America.

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We all know about Disneyland and the California Adventure Park in Anaheim outside of Los Angeles, but did you know there's another amusement park further north in the state? In Santa Clara, near San Jose, you find the rather American sounding park named California's Great America, and today a gaming related attraction was opened.

More specifically the park has launced a new ride called ‎Mass Effect: New Earth‬, which is a 4D moving cinema-like experience set within the Mass Effect universe.

By moving cinema we mean chairs that follows the movements of the action on screen, and by 4D we mean splashes of apparently funky smelling water along with the sounds, sights and motion.

Sounds like a sweet ride if you're a fan of good ol' Commander Shepard. From what we hear you get to pass through a relay and the Normandy spaceship from the games is likely to make an appearance.

Mass Effect 3
Photo: California's Great America / Facebook

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