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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda gets new romance options

The patch includes a number of other features too.

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When Bioware outlined their plans for improving Mass Effect: Andromeda, they didn't just talk about bug fixes and such, as they also said that they would tweak the gameplay in different ways. The next patch is an example of this.

It would seem that the studio has heard the complaints many players have voiced regarding the fact that there are very few romance options for homosexual characters, as the patch will improve upon this by letting male Ryder romance Jaal. Speaking of controversies, Hainly Abrams' dialogue has been adjusted to change the flow of personal information she discusses with Ryder as well.

They're also improving the character creator by adding new heads (one male and one female) and other customisation options. "But I'm already far into the game," you say? Fear not. The patch will also add the option to change Ryder's appearance when onboard the Tempest.

These are some of the most noteworthy gameplay changes coming with the patch, but it'll also include the following:

Single Player:
Fixed issue with Nomad upgrades Shield Crafting quest.
Nexus level and cryo pod points are retroactively granted.
Vendors now carry weapon mods for Level 60-71 players.
Vendors now sell weapon augmentations for automatic fire, burst fire, and single-shot fire.
Improved clarity of descriptions for augmentations.
Plasma Charge system now works properly for shotguns.
Beam Emitter augmentation now causes guns to fire a constant beam with scaling damage based on the weapon's damage per second.
[PC] Added experimental support for Dolby Vision technology.

Stealth Grid challenge now increments properly.
Fiend no longer sprints when within 10 meters of target, and will decelerate to base speed.
Enabled movement correction during Fiend attacks to reduce incidence of players seeing Fiends attacking in the wrong direction.
Improved movement prediction for some enemies in tight spaces to reduce appearance of teleportation.
Fixed issue that prevented melee attacks if the revive icon was near center screen.
Fixed issue where ammo pick-up audio incorrectly played.
Fixed issue where Backlash could malfunction while moving.
Using Stealth and Recon Visor together no longer increases duration of invisibility for Turian Agent.
Fixed issue where weight reduction modifications wouldn't reduce weight.
The Revive Pack Transmitter now displays the revive radius in the loadout screen.
Equipping the Cobra RPG now interrupts reloading.
Player turns to Adhi when getting synced to avoid teleportation issue.
Fixed issue where enemies would occasionally enter T-pose when hit.
Improved visual and audio cues for player ready status in Multiplayer lobbies.
Added "Lights" option to customisation options.

Which of these changes are most important to you?

Mass Effect: Andromeda

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