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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda focused on 'quantity over quality,' says BioWare veteran

Mac Walters wishes he could have had one more shot with the series.

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BioWare veteran and Mass Effect: Andromeda's director Mac Walters has gone into more detail about the game and how its developers were told that a "quantity over quality" approach to content would work out.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Walters said: "We probably should have - in hindsight - just reduced scope more and executed on what we could to [ensure] quality. But we were also in a weird phase in the industry where a lot of people were saying quantity was quality, so we were deluding ourselves internally a little bit that if it's maybe not as polished as [Mass Effect 3], it's fine - it's bigger and there's more here, and there's more to do. And we hit a point where people were like, 'No, that isn't okay.' Or, at least, 'It isn't okay for your franchise'. And that's fine, that's a lesson learned."

Walters still wishes that there could've been a second chance for Andromeda, though, as he believes there BioWare could've shown the fruits of its labour much better.

"I only wish we had been able to then do a second one, because then you would have really seen that polish just like we did from [ME1] to [ME2] on the original [trilogy]," he said. "Certainly, had we shipped an Andromeda 2, I am a hundred percent certain we would have improved on all the things that people called out and then also been about to lean into the innovative things that we were trying to do as well."

Would you have wanted to see a Mass Effect: Andromeda 2?

Mass Effect: Andromeda

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