Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4 gets mysterious teaser trailer

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After unveiling what we'll call Mass Effect 4 for now at The Game Awards in 2020, Bioware has spent the following years giving us tiny teases every 7th of November (N7 Day) and this year is no exception.

The studio started by sharing a N7 post on its website filled with binary code spread throughout the text. Solving this lead us to a countdown called Epsilon. An interesting choice, as it was only 30 minutes left when Bioware shared the riddle, but that did at least mean we didn't have to wait long. The countdown has just ended, revealing the extremely short video clip below.


Those boots sure look like something Liara would wear, but that's just me guessing. She's also the only one we're absolutely sure will return in the game, so this is just mean by Bioware. It's also interesting that the website says a distress signal has been sent from Andromeda. We're told there's a second encryption to solve, so let's hope we'll be able to unearth a much longer trailer the coming minutes/hours. Stay tuned.

Mass Effect 4

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