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Maserati will return to racing in 2023

The automobile manufacturer is getting into Formula E next year.

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The Italian automobile manufacturer, Maserati has announced that it will be getting back into racing come 2023. Mentioned in a press release, the car company has stated that it will be competing in the Formula E World Championship next year, becoming the first Italian brand to join the scene.

Come its entry to the all-electric road racing world of Formula E, Maserati will be racing with the Gen3 car, a vehicle that is designed to be the fastest, lightest, and most powerful Formula E car ever. With this in mind, Maserati has also used this announcement to affirm its commitment to electric vehicles, stating that all new models from the manufacturer will also be available as 100% electric solutions.

Speaking about the decision to join Formula E, Stellantis Motorsport senior VP, Jean-Marc Finot said, "Beyond this piece of history, Maserati Formula E will be our technological laboratory to accelerate the development of high-efficiency electrified powertrains and intelligent software for our road sports cars. Formula E is the perfect Championship for this purpose and we are very proud to be the first Italian brand to join in."

Maserati has quite the history when it comes to motorsport, with the brand being involved in the scene for almost a century. During that time, the car manufacturer has helped drivers and constructors win the Formula One World Championship at multiple occasions. This announcement marks just the latest chapter in Maserati's involvement in racing.

Maserati will return to racing in 2023

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