Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers to add campaign replays within its March 18 update

The update will also introduce customisable HARM Rooms.

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It appears that Marvel's Avengers is about the receive quite the overhaul on March 18. Previously, it was announced that the game would be receiving PS5 and Xbox Series updates on this date, along with a new slice of story DLC that will see Hawkeye join the character roster. Now it has been revealed that campaign replays and customisable HARM Rooms will also be bundled in.

Being able to replay the campaign here will function almost like a new game plus mode. During a Twitch livestream on Tuesday, Community manager Andy Wong confirmed: "You will keep everything you have, you keep XP, your gear and everything, but you can replay the campaign from start to finish, and it's something we're really excited about."

HARM Rooms if you aren't aware, are virtual training rooms where you can sharpen your skills. Within this new update, you'll now have control over aspects such as the hazards you'll encounter, the types of enemies you'll face, and the buffs applied to your character.

Marvel's Avengers

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