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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers is getting its first MCU skin on Thursday

Itsy bitsy spider. No, not that one.

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When Square Enix shared some of its very promising plans for Marvel's Avengers back in March, we were told that one of these was to make some new skins based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now we know when the first one arrives.

The Japanese company has confirmed that it's indeed Black Widow that will look at bit more like Scarlett Johansson if you're willing to pay a yet to be announced pricefor it on May 6. It's important to put pressure on "a bit" here, as the most noteworthy difference from the game's original version is the costume.

What do you think, and who do you want to see get the Avengers: Endgame treatment next?

Marvel's Avengers

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