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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers is celebrating its first anniversary by giving away a bundle of free items

Players only have until September 9 to be able to claim them.

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Believe it or not, it has now been a full year since Marvel's Avengers exploded onto the scene. In that time we've seen the superpowered title receive several major updates with its most recent War for Wakanda DLC being the most substantial.

To celebrate this milestone, a free bundle of items is being offered to players for a limited time until September 9. The standout here is, of course, Iron Man's Iron Ally Outfit, which is pretty striking in appearance with its red, white, and blue colour scheme. The full list of items contained within the bundle can be viewed below:

  • Iron Man's Iron Alloy Outfit

  • Crown Black Panther Nameplate 10

  • Up-pointing double triangle 2 Hour Hero's Catalyst x 2

  • Gear 2 Hour Fragment Extractor x 2

Marvel's Avengers

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