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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers has small differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X

A recent report comparing the two reveal some interesting differences.

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Last week, Square Enix finally released the update for Marvel's Avengers to take advantage of the extra hardware horsepower of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. If you have the game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you are entitled to a free upgrade, which we explained further in a separate news piece.

But how do PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X fare against each other, and how is Xbox Series S performing? This is something Digital Foundry has examined in a new report. Playing quality mode, both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X runs the game in 4K (1440p for Xbox Series S) and 30 frames per second

The Performance Mode is more interesting, however. It turns out both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is targeting 4K (Xbox Series S runs in 720p to 1080p), although with dynamic resolution scaling, with the former using checkerboard rendering while the latter is native. Digital Foundry sums this up:

"What this means is that the Sony platform can resolve higher pixel counts in like-for-like content thanks to its checkerboard solution, but for various reasons, Series X delivers a crisper picture. Both still use dynamic resolution scaling, with Series X working with a generally wider DRS window. Owing to its checkerboard solution, PS5's UI scales with resolution too, which looks a touch odd."

There are also other differences between Sony's and Microsoft's alternatives for Marvel's Avengers:

"PS5 has post-process elements that operate at a much lower resolution - and Avengers is a post-process heavy game. Components like motion blur and depth of field are affected, looking noticeably blockier than the Xbox equivalents. Texture resolution can also be impacted in some scenarios too, where it seems that checkerboard rendering may not play as nicely with dynamic resolution scaling than the native Xbox equivalent. All together, PlayStation 5 in performance mode has more obvious image quality concessions that become more evident as the effects work scales up."

When it comes to the frame rate, Digital Foundry is impressed across the board as they run in 60 frames per seconds, but there are smaller differences:

Playstation 5 can hold its 60fps a little tighter than the Xbox consoles during intense destruction - presumably owing to more overhead from the checkerboard rendering solution - but the actual drops to performance on the Microsoft platform are minimal and barely noticeable."

Finally, Digital Foundry notices that the loading times has been severely shortened for the new generations with a segment that used to take more than a minute now has been trimmed down to four seconds on PlayStation 5 and six seconds on Xbox Series S/X. They sum their comparison up by stating:

"The two approaches the developer has chosen for rendering the performance mode certainly offer up very different results. Xbox Series X looks clearer and cleaner, a state of affairs offset only by variations in performance that barely register."

We recommend you to check the Digital Foundry report out as it offers plenty of interesting details and insight.

Marvel's Avengers

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