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Marvel's Avengers Beta accumulated 27 million hours of playing

This a supersized amount of playing!

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If you are our faithful reader, it's very possible that you have seen the news where we reminded you about Marvel's Avengers open beta, which was running from August 21- 23. 3 days. What kind of records can be set during this short period of time?

It turns out, a lot actually. There are quite a few impressive figures. In a blog post, Square Enix wrote: "Our Marvel's Avengers Beta was BIG. How big? Millions of you played, for a total of tens of millions of hours. All of that data - combined with your feedback and feature requests - have made a major impact".

Not only that, but it was also mentioned that the beta attracted over 6 million players, 200 million hulk smashes achieved, and over 300 million enemies defeated, etc.

We also learned from the statement that the developers at Crystal Dynamics are looking to bring the players a big Day One patch, and this is required to download in order to play the game. If you have early access, you can do it on September 1, otherwise, it's September 4 for the global launch.

Day One patch includes:

  • Improvements to matchmaking

  • Additional fixes for issues where characters would go out of the environment

  • Additional UI fixes

  • Additional performance improvements

But this is not all. For more details and information regarding beta fixes, feedback-driven features and future updates, you can check here.

Finally, let's see the infographic of the successful Beta together:

Marvel's Avengers

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