Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 confirmed for new-gen

And they will be released very soon.

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After several rumours suggesting Activision would be making remastered versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel, we finally got the confirmation during this weekend's Comic Con. More surprising was the fact that both games will be releasing tomorrow on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. A single game will cost $39.99, while the duo pack can be bought for $59.99.

Both games will be remastered, and according to Marvel and Activision, they will feature better graphics, a few UI tweaks, and an improved performance (something not particularity great about the original console versions). No news yet about a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, although the executive producer Mike Jones left that door open during an interview with Marvel.com.

"Anything is possible" is at least not a flat out denial.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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