Marvel Heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes offers compensation to those affected by first day problems

Some customers are still waiting for character and costume unlocks.

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The free-to-play action-RPG from David Brevik (Diablo I & II) set in the Marvel universe, Marvel Heroes, launched yesterday. There's been a few teething issues during the game's first day on Steam, with many gamers (some in the forum, a few more on Steam) who have invested in premium packs yet to receive characters and costumes already paid for (and considering some of these packs cost upwards of £60, you can understand why some people are frustrated).

Gazillion has written to those affected by the missing content to say: "We are currently aware that some users have not received all of the Heroes or Costumes that were included in their Founders Pack. Please rest assured that we are working around the clock to fix this and you will receive your items very soon. We definitely apologize for any frustration this may cause."

We contacted the publisher for further clarification on the matter, and a company spokesperson stated that the issue should now be fixed, and that those affected by problems will be compensated for their patience (details explaining who gets what are set to be posted direct to MarvelHeroes.com).

We're also currently clicking super villains into oblivion on the game's servers, and our review will be ready for your reading pleasure later on in the week, so keep checking back on the site for more details.

Marvel Heroes 2015

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