Marvel Heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes gets 2.2 update

Mac version closed beta coming.

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Marvel Heroes has been updated with Game Update 2.2 - Forge of Asgard, offering new customisation options and character outfitting thanks to an Asgardian-themed crafting system. Players will be able to combine multiple runes with ‘Uru-Forged' items to create new items that grant powers such a being able to turn invisible.

It was also confirmed that the free-to-play action-RPG is coming to Mac, with the closed beta due to kick off at the end of February. With regards to that, Gazillion CEO David Brevik said: "We've always wanted to release on Mac and we're proud to announce our CBT. Marvel Heroes continues to grow and improve at an astounding rate. Giving Mac players an opportunity to suit up and save the world is a good next step for us and one we're happy to take."

Marvel Heroes 2015

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