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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel Heroes developer Brian Waggoner has been recruited to assist Marvel's Avengers

He will be joining the project as a system designer.

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Marvel's Avengers may have just lost its creative director Shaun Escayg, but it has managed to attract some new talent. Brian Waggoner, who worked previously as the game designer for Marvel Heroes, has joined the project as its new system designer. Waggoner joins the team after spending the last three years at EA Sports.

The developer recently broke the news on Twitter and said: "Well, the time has come. I can finally announce that at the end of next month, I'll be leaving [EA Sports] and joining [Crystal Dynamics] as a system designer on [Marvels Avengers]. I'm really excited to join that team and help them build new systems and features for the game!"

Hopefully Waggoner can assist in helping get the project back on-track as the game hasn't had the smoothest of rides. Things appeared to be looking up earlier this year with the release of next-gen versions and its Hawkeye DLC, but many outlets agreed that it wasn't enough to fully turn things around. The War for Wakanda DLC that launches later this year and introduces Black Panther into the game does, however, show a flicker of promise.

Marvel's Avengers

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