Marvel Heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes - David Brevik Interview

We caught up with the creator of Marvel Heroes at PAX East.

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GRTV met up with Marvel Heroes creator David Brevik at PAX East and got his thoughts on the new action-RPG coming from Gazillion Entertainment.

During the interview he explained a bit more about the game:

It's an MMO action-RPG set in the Marvel universe, you play as the Marvel superheroes. It's an action-RPG, so imagine Diablo - I made Diablo I and Diablo II, that's my history - so imagine 25-50 people running around the Diablo II zone, fighting together as the Marvel superheroes and that's kinda the game we're making.

Brevik then went on to tell us what they were doing to ensure that the Marvel Heroes experience was great:

Well, it's kind of tricky, but there's a lot of things that we can do. Firstly, the zones are pretty big, so people can spread out naturally and do things, and they're questing and doing the own objectives in there. We also have public events that are organised, for instance there may be a Sentinel attack that happens in the zone, where ten Sentinels come down at once and so the people need to work together in the zone and fight the different Sentinels that are all over it. So that purposefully spreads them out and they can cooperate and do public things together, and get this dynamic social interaction with other players that you find in an MMO. It makes you really feel like you're playing the game with other people.

We also wanted to know what it was like working with Marvel:

It's been really great working with Marvel. This is something that they've wanted for a very long time so they've been very, very helpful, from everything to introductions, like Brian Michael Bendis who wrote the story - he's a famous comic book writer - introducing us to artists, introducing us to voice cast members who do the voices for the animations or the movies and things like that, to guiding us on the direction that we should be focussing on.

We previewed the game at the very end of last year, and enjoyed clicking our way through some of the early levels. But don't take our word for it, you can try it yourself - we've got loads of beta keys to give away for the game. All you've got to do is follow this link, and you'll receive a code granting you weekend access to the closed beta of Marvel Heroes. Access lasts from Friday April 19 until Sunday April 21, so grab your free code and get downloading in preparation for this weekend's event. Head this way for everything you need to know about getting the game up and running.


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