Marvel Heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 set to launch, open beta on Mac

New trailer teases new features one year after the original launch. Players will face Surtur thanks to upcoming raid content.

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We enjoyed Marvel Heroes when it launched just one year ago, despite it being a bit repetitive. With that in mind, to celebrate its first anniversary, and after many roster updates, Gazillion announces a new, revamped version of the MMOARPG. And they even call it Marvel Super Heroes 2015:

"Marvel Heroes 2015 is a new launch for the Marvel Heroes brand coinciding with a one-year anniversary milestone on June 4th and it highlights all the new game content added since launch. Marvel Heroes 2015 also includes even more game content, including end-game raids, alternate advancement systems and other various additions. For Gazillion, it's a new release and a challenge to continue adding more content and improvements than any other iterative release on Earth".

Thanks to those new end-game raids, players will get the chance to fight "the ruler of fire demons himself, Surtur". Marvel Super Heroes 2015 will launch the day after tomorrow, and Mac players will get to test it in Open Beta. Take a look at the words and terms that this teaser trailer shows at the end for more clues on the new version.


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