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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario's boots have been created in real life

Red Wing Shoes has crafted the boots to mark The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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Just ahead of the weekend, we reported on the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a trailer that showed Mario and Donkey Kong teaming up, as well as a longer Mario Kart section. But now to add to this, shoe crafter, Red Wing Shoes has revealed that it has teamed up with Nintendo and Illumination to create real versions of Mario's boots.

The "pixel-for-stitch" recreations used "legacy methods and innovative materials" to create a genuinely good looking pair of boots. As these are the "official boot of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing", they have also been engineered with a reinforced toe box, and a rounded heel with a heel pad that features "state-of-the-art mushroom-infused materials celebrating Mario's signature abilities", all to protect the wearer on the job.

The catch with this boot however is that it won't be going on sale anywhere, as Red Wing Shoes has affirmed that the "boots are not for sale". Instead, we'll just have to gawk and wish that we could've got our hands on a pair of these kicks.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie
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