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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Guide - Galactic and Multiplayer Mode

Take on the most challenging AI and learn the best tactics, tips and tricks to lift the Cups and beat other players online or at home.

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"Unfair, cheating, rotten, OP, a bully..." You will surely pronounce some or all of these adjectives, accompanied by some expletives, when you play Galactic Mode for the first time. You came from the Cups in Normal Mode and, of course, the jump to the second round is so brutal, especially if you play alone, that you will think that there is no way to overcome it. However, if you're patient and train hard, you'll get there in a couple of days, and the good news is that you'll be much better prepared to compete in local, online, and long-term multiplayer in Strikers Club.

And it is perhaps that Next Level Games has gone a little too far coming from a Normal Mode that remains a walk in the park in comparison with the Galactic CPU that seems to know all your movements in advance, that makes perfect lightning-fast passes and that, of course, every shot they take, goes in. But they already warned us about the moves that can be done in the tutorials, right? And you can't expect to succeed in Galactic Mode without mastering them all. In addition, each rival in Galactic Mode is a demonstration of what you can do if you train hard enough.

Thus, this advanced tips and tricks guide is intended for both those who want to beat Galactic Mode and those who want to play as pros in multiplayer, and since we also touch on accessories, it therefore serves to help you improve throughout the entire game.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Tips and Tricks for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Being too aggressive leaves you defenceless

On many occasions it's fun to push hard and try to steal the ball, and if you get the hang of charged tackles (hold Y) it can be a good method, especially against humans (in Galactic Mode it seems that the CPU detects when you are going to enter and dodges you). However, if you abuse this method and miss tackles, your players will fall to the ground, and won't be able to come back to defend. Combine charged tackles with normal tackles (sometimes a nudge, even from a weak character, will prevent a shot) and other defensive techniques.

Mushroom is defensive

When they give you a mushroom it seems logical to use it to run more, because that's what Mario Kart taught us, but the turbo with the ball is nothing compared to the tackle you can do without the ball. If you use the Mushroom when you are defending, you will be able to stand in front of any opponent or hit them from far away to steal the ball.

Use the pass button (B) to steal

Against rivals who play it very well, it may seem very difficult to intercept the ball with tackles or charged tackles. Note that if you position yourself correctly (especially if you are four human players on the same team) it is possible to steal low passes, but especially high ones! Pressing the B button (or A if you are in the opposition's side, to shoot directly). This way you can also avoid volley shots. Of course, this in the Chain or Trick Cups is more difficult if you play alone because the AI ​​will never place your characters ahead and the CPU will make you dizzy with perfect air passes until you pass out. You will think, in fact, that it is impossible to defend the CPU. We urge a bit of patience!

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Protect a teammate during Hyper Strikes

If you are a multi-human team and a colleague is positioned to Hyper Strike when you have the Strike Orb, one way to make it easier is to block: stand in front of them and the opponents' inputs will be directed at you first. We know as it bothers us a lot when we are trying to stop the CPU and the input is misdirected. Take advantage of it in your favour.

Mario Strikers: Battle League FootballMario Strikers: Battle League Football

Beware of unbalancing the 'stats' with accessories

Yeah, that's what we all first thought: if a character has a lot of speed and little strength or shot, maybe it's cool to reduce what they lack even more and increase their higher stats. However, if you leave wingers without a decent shot stat, for example, you will reduce your scoring options too much, and since in the highest difficulty they have you cornered at the striker position, you will have to reserve some shots and techniques for those wingers. Teamwork! Wow.

Hold the dodge

Against the CPU in Galactic Mode you will find it virtually impossible to tackle (R) in the early Cups. They cheat a bit and dodge just as you're about to tackle them, but you should also save your dodge as well. For example, against advanced CPU, look when they are loading a tackle with the arrows, do the same thing that the CPU does to you: wait, dodge and take advantage of the added turbo. By the way, you don't always have to dodge forwards or to the side. Note that the CPU is addicted to dodging backwards: do it to other humans.

Cancelling is wise

Like the dodging, the cancellation of various charged moves can work well against the opponent's tackle. Against humans it is very useful to cancel the shots because they will come with everything to stop you and leave you in a very good position, but remember to also cancel charged tackles (press B when you have pressed Y) to time when to do it effectively; so you will always be prepared.

Running is not for cowards

In your first few days with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football you may have forgotten that you can run with the ZR button, because it's a bit different from other football games. Here you throw the ball forward and you have to measure the distances well, but with so many buttons and possible actions, don't neglect this one, especially when they chase you down the flank. Also, use the through pass (L+B) when a teammate is paired with man-on defence but has some space ahead of them.

Choose your colours well

It may seem silly or a matter of taste, but your equipment can help you a lot on the field of play when it comes to distinguishing your characters, because the gameplay is quite confusing and chaotic, and more than once you will lose sight of the ball or who carries it among so many objects, explosions, effects and characters. For example, the yellow of the Charms contrasts very well, and if you choose the Haunted Mansion from the list of stadiums, it's even better with those purple backgrounds in mind.

Retry several times by spending coins

It may hurt your pride a bit, but if you fail in Galactic Mode it doesn't hurt to try again a few times by paying coins. At this point, coming from Normal Mode, unless you've spent all of your funds on accessories, you'll have several thousand coins at your disposal, and going on a Rematch only costs a hundred. You'll happily pay them when you've been 'robbed' for the umpteenth time and want to take on those cheaters again, plus you'll get your investment back as soon as you lift that Cup.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Lining up 4 human players changes everything

If you have the possibility, as we did in the past of gathering four colleagues on the sofa, the experience will change completely. Thus, each player will assume a character and a role on the field of play, allowing your teammates to create space, placing yourself in front of the rival to steal the ball, screen, even set up strategic passes to teammates and all kinds of Tiki-taka strategies as a unit. In fact, we recommend going from four to two, because three players is a very uncomfortable figure, with the sole CPU character loose and causing everyone to change strategy all the time, when with two it is more controllable.

Also, don't just think online: if you have multiple consoles (and games) you can host multi-player tournaments by combining them over a local wireless connection, as up to 8 controllers per console and up to 4 consoles on a network are allowed.

Let's talk about Rosalina

More than one long-time fan sulked to see Daisy fall off Nintendo's initial roster for the debut of MSBLF. We think that she is getting in shape and that she will be one of the first free DLC characters, but the truth is that it will be difficult for her to take the place of Rosalina, since she is undoubtedly the revelation of the season. MVP in almost all games, you will see her at the top of many teams for her scoring ability. Her technique and shooting attributes are so good out of the box that with a couple of minor tweaks to accessories based on your playstyle you'll probably have the best character in the game, the new 'killer' from Mario Strikers.

Empowered Hyper Strike

If you 'need' several goals, the normal thing to do is grab some items when kicking off each time. The crowd throws a couple of objects at you, which are usually shells and bob-ombs, but if they're feeling generous, they'll also give you Stars. If you have grabbed the Strike Orb, the most logical thing is that you try to do a Hyper Strike as soon as you activate the Star because nobody is going to bother you, right? Well, just know that both the Star and the Mushroom give Hyper Strike a 'buff' and make it harder to block.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

The price for failing a Hyper Strike

What if I fail? Don't worry, launching it is already quite complicated. If because of your nerves you don't nail the two blue zones (for an Unstoppable Hyper Strike) and the keeper stops it, during the blocking animation don't stand still: try to position your characters in the box because the Boom Boom goalkeeper will be stunned (or in love, or with hands on fire) at least for a moment so you can get an easy goal. Of course, knowing this, the rival team will try by all means not to let you take these positions and they will block and tackle you. The good thing about this is that every hit without the ball will be a 'foul', and you will collect various items as a reparation.

The 6 Galactic Mode Cups

  • Cannon Cup

  • Chain Cup

  • Turbo cup

  • Muscle Cup

  • Trick Cup

  • Champions Cup

In Normal Mode, the cups are divided according to the characteristics and style of the CPU teams based on their characters, their way of playing and their customised accessories. They are all hard games in Galactic Mode and on many occasions you will go win by a hair with a golden goal and abusing the second lease on life that they offer you (or paying coins to play again). Remember here that if extra time ends without a golden goal, it's time to play another game with that fearsome rival to untie the tie.

Regarding how to approach the cups, it depends a bit on your style. If you are flexible and have a lot of accessories unlocked, you can for example line up big characters or modify the usual ones to beat the Muscle Cup, since you will never steal the ball with normal tackles. You can also keep your line-up and make charged tackles all the time, with the risk that comes with it. The irritating Trick Cup will drive you crazy if you play alone because every high pass ends in a shot and a goal, so you will have to increase your intensity and choose very well who you attack with a charged tackle and who you block. Your concentration must be extremely high until you lift the gold Champions Cup, the final challenge of the game.


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