Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour lawsuit calls out Nintendo for its loot box system

The gacha mechanic has been described as "immoral."

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A young gamer, with approval from his parents, is suing Nintendo over Mario Kart Tour's gacha or loot box mechanics, where a player would receive random items from the Spotlight Shop.

Essentially, the plaintiff (who spent $170 on Mario Kart Tour via his father's credit card) argues that Nintendo intentionally made the game difficult to proceed without paying, reinforced behaviours like gambling and introduced those behaviours to minors.

Nintendo has removed the loot box mechanics from Mario Kart Tour, and did so at the end of last year. While the lawsuit does have a leg to stand on as Nintendo's former mechanic does violate the Washington State's Consumer Protection Act and California business law, the gaming giant does have a habit of getting out of these kind of suits rather easily, so we'll see what happens as the situation progresses.

Thanks, Axios.

Mario Kart Tour

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