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Mario Golf: Super Rush
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Mario Golf: Super Rush's roster of characters and courses will be expanding post-launch

The game will take to the green on June 25.

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With Mario Golf: Super Rush launching in less than two weeks, we fully expected that it would make an appearance during Nintendo E3 Direct. Receiving a new trailer was nice, but it was after the show that we learned an especially juicy detail, courtesy of Nintendo Life. It appears that the game's roster of characters and courses will continue to expand in the future via free updates in a similar fashion to Mario Tennis Aces.

The message from Nintendo's PR received by Nintendo Life reads: "Free updates to the game that include additional courses and playable characters will be released in the future. The fairway is almost open! Pre-orders for the game are now available in Nintendo eShop."

It's great to see that Super Rush is taking a similar approach to Aces and that there will be plenty of incentive to keep returning back to the game. From August 2018 to August 2019, Aces added a total of 14 new characters and these included fan favourites like Diddy Kong and Shy Guy. Let's hope that Super Rush can deliver the same level of consistency.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

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