Margot Robbie set to star in Avengelyne film

Following the previous reveal of the film, it seems more likely that Robbie will star.

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Warner Bros apparently has big plans for Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's violent Avengelyne flick.Deadine reports that the film adaptation of Avengelyne - about a fallen angel who seeks redemption by slaying demons - has taken off, with the studio beginning negotiations for the film rights.

Big names have been linked to the project so far. For example, Olivia Wilde is set to direct, Poor Things writer Tony McNamara is writing the screenplay, Simon Kinberg will produce, and at the moment Margot Robbie is keen to play the buxom title character, but is not yet confirmed.

Want to see an Avengelyne film with Robbie in the lead?

Margot Robbie set to star in Avengelyne film

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