March of the Eagles

March of the Eagles announced

Napoleon's Campaigns II reskinned.

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Paradox Development Studio have been on a tear recently announcing new projects - Europa Universalis IV was made official at Gamesom, the next expansion of Crusader Kings II - Legacy Rome was announced earlier this week - and now an all-new game called March of the Eagles set during 1805-1815 has been announced.

March of the Eagles
March of the EaglesMarch of the Eagles

Now, this isn't an entirely new game - instead, the game formerly known as Napoleon's Campaigns II has been brought over from Paradox France to the in-house team Paradox Development Studios to be completed - and with that came a title change to March of the Eagles.


Studio manager Johan Andersson described the process as follows on the Paradox forums:

"As you may or may not know, the project formerly known as Napoleons Campaigns II, which was a Co.-production between Paradox France and Paradox Development Studio has been brought fully in-house to be developed further by PDS.

We wanted to give you some insight into production and an update. Basically we started with some ideas, some mechanics, an engine (Clausewitz) and assets, we then sat down and made our own design from the ground up. One of the key issues we had to address was how to make the game more accessible, these days accessibility is something by which our games are constantly measured against, both by the general gaming community but also our core audience. As you all know by now, with accessibility we don't means less complex. Just easier to get into. We also had to review the project plans to ensure we stay away from further date slips."

March of the EaglesMarch of the Eagles

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