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Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Marauders reveals its secrets and early access begins today

Small Games Impact's Team 17 title is getting closer, and we were able to try it out for ourselves at Gamescom.

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Early access for the shooter-looter Marauders, a space adventure developed by indie studio Small Impact Games and to be released under the Team 17 umbrella, starts today on Steam.


In Maraduders we will be in the skin (or rather in the space suit) of some star pirates where we will live fierce skirmishes in a tactical multiplayer shooter based on loot. With large spaceship-based scenarios and travelling in our own starfighter, we will have to upgrade our equipment little by little in order to survive in this unhopeful sci-fi universe.

Our colleague Rebeca was able to get behind the controls of the Marauders ship during her visit to the last Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, and in fact she recorded some video impressions that you can see below.


Among other things, Rebeca points out that the gameplay is very similar to Escape from Tarkov, which in fact the people at Small Impact Games are working on. Squaring up with three other players for a total of 6 squads (24 players in total), the game goes like this:

"The game has two distinct phases, the first is to navigate the stars by driving the spaceship and fight in space combat against other teams, and the second is to board a ship and raid and plunder its interior by driving the character. We can't pilot this big ship, but we can fight for the resources inside it. Of course, we can raid other teams' ships, and if you manage to take out the whole team we can take the ship and all the upgrades and resources. It's a risky operation, but the risk is (sometimes) worth it."

As you can see, it's also reminiscent of the gameplay sessions in Sea of Thieves, which we love. You can access Marauders early access here.


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