Manor Lords

Manor Lords creator defends referring to himself as a solo developer

"If I quit, it's game over," he said.

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Manor Lords is the strategy game that everyone's talking about right now, and perhaps its most impressive feature is that it was largely created by a solo developer. Greg Styczeń has recently had to defend calling himself by that term, though, after pushback from another developer.

Styczeń hasn't made the massive game of Manor Lords entirely on his own, you see. There has been help in the form of financial aid from the developer's Patreon and a sum by way of Epic Games, and there are also a good amount of extra names on the game's credits.

However, Styczeń maintains he is a solo dev. "It's a fair criticism and I get it, but I think he doesn't understand that if I quit, it's game over, no more ML. If he quits his studio, nothing changes."

The Manor Lords developer was recently called out by the creator of Farthest Frontier, who pointed out Manor Lords isn't a solo effort.

Manor Lords

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