Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden will arrive on PS5 next week

Pre-orders for the puzzle game are open now.

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The highly acclaimed puzzle game Manifold Garden initially launched back in 2019 on mobile and PC, later it has been released to more platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Last year it was confirmed to be one of the launch titles for Xbox Series as well. However, one format is missing, that is PS5. But this is about to change.

Developer William Chyr Studio has announced that Manifold Garden is coming to PlayStation's newest console on May 20, and this version will support 4K, 60FPS, DualSense wireless controller haptic feature, and Game Help.

Other than that, it was also revealed that the studio is collaborating with iam8bit to deliver "physical releases of Manifold Garden for PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as a limited vinyl edition of the soundtrack (1000 total pressings) that includes pop-up architecture plus two in-game tracks not included in the digital soundtrack". Pre-oders are open now, you can check herefor more if you're interested.

Below you can find the PS5 Announcement Trailer:

Manifold Garden

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