Mandragora, the soulslike that will become a reality this year after a change of editor

It was going to be published by Marvelous, however, My.Games ended up getting it.

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It was around the beginning of 2022 when Mandragora started to make waves in our industry. A fusion between an action RPG and metroidvania with Darksouls-esque overtones was wandering around KickStater looking for funding. Eventually, Marvelous decided to take on the role of publisher and went so far as to promise an early release, though no dates were specified. Nevertheless, they released a beta that we were able to test and we wrote an article with our first impressions.

Suddenly, silence fell over Primal Game Studio's project and we didn't hear anything more about it until now. My.Games announced Mandragora in its live presentation, assuring its release for the end of this year.


Not much more information was actually revealed than was previously available; it's a title in which dark magic and dark aesthetics play a prominent role. The player will embark on a 2.5D RPG-metroidvania with witchcraft and dark magic, and crafting of weapons, armour and amulets will be vital to progress. From the studio, they promise a complex soulslike title in which each Vampire of Braer Island and each boss will be increasingly "horrifying". For a more detailed explanation of what's already known, check here, you'll be interested.

Finally, one of the news we didn't know is that it will be released not only on PC, but also on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. In addition, they have shown new images of Mandragora and both the graphics and the design are of high quality. We'll see if it will continue like this and hopefully, unlike two years ago, this time we'll be able to have it with us from autumn.


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