One Military Camp

Manage-Sim One Military Camp arrives as early access on 2 March

Abylight announces release date, content roadmap and pricing for new management simulator.

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Abylight Barcelona today announced the early access launch of One Military Camp, the military camp management simulator, scheduled for 2 March.

The project has been in development since November 2020, and just yesterday ended the access to the demo of the game with which the team has been collecting feedback from players, which has been a fundamental part of the project. In addition to announcing the release date, the studio has outlined the roadmap for the upcoming free content that will be added in the coming months, which you can see in the image below.

One Military Camp

In addition to a Sandbox mode, new customisation options, game balance improvements, self-sufficiency and the inclusion of recruit pets will also be added.

Finally, the final price at which the game will arrive on Steam in March has been published, which will be 24.99 euros, although during the first week it will have a promotion of a 10% discount on the base price.

Abylight participated in Gamelab Tenerife last December and Gamereactor had the opportunity to talk to its CEO Eva Gaspar about One Military Camp, as well as new trends in the future of the industry. You can check out the full interview below.


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