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The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan

Man of Medan is "many times more branching than Until Dawn"

"You never know when you're in a situation where you could lose a character," explains game director Tom Heaton.

One game that we are looking forward to seeing more of is The Dark Pictures, the episodic series from Supermassive Games that looks to explore some spooky scenarios using the studio's trademark style. The first entry is Man of Medan, and it's looking to build on the cause and effect gameplay that the studio has been perfecting with recent titles such as Until Dawn.

Naturally, the conversation quickly moved onto the subject of branching narratives, and game director Tom Heaton dived into how player actions can impact the story, and how difficult decisions will change the experience for each player.

"It's not so much about you choosing how you want the game to play out, it's you being given really difficult decisions, decisions that have no obvious and easy way out," Heaton told Gamereactor.

"And under pressure, you have to make that choice, and yeah the game will respond to that, but you don't know how it's going to work out. You can maybe kind of speculate or take a punt on something. But yeah, the game, every time you make a choice, every time you do anything in the game, it's going to branch.

"It might branch a little way, it might branch in a really big way, it might be a life or death decision. It's a very branching game, it's many times more branching than Until Dawn. There's many different ways that the game can play out."

The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan

We also talked to actor Shawn Ashmore about his role in the game, and how he thinks players will take to his character.

"I think what's interesting about a game like this is that I think that every character will have people that see themselves in that light and maybe people that don't, so I think there will be certain players that are like, 'oh, I want Conrad to be the leader' [or to] make it all the way through. And I think there are some people that will be like, 'oh I hate Conrad, I hope he dies early,' which is what's interesting."

Will Conrad make it through to the end? Well, that's up to you, to an extent.

"Every character can live, every character can die, and they can die multiple innovative, interesting ways," Heaton told us. "You never know when you're in a situation where you could lose a character."

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