The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Man of Medan gets a Friend Pass to share the horror

Those who own the game or buy it before January 6 can share one playthrough with someone who doesn't have it.

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Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology kicked off earlier this year with Man of Medan, and Bandai Namco has revealed that owners of the game - as well as those who buy before January 6 - get access to a free Friend's Pass, letting another player who doesn't have the game experience one full playthrough via Shared Story Multiplayer.

This offers applies to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and the friend must be using the same platform. All they need to do is download the trial version of the game, with the Friend's Pass itself coming via a patch.

What's more is that The Curator's Cut, featuring extra scenes, is now available for all players to enjoy once they've completed the story.

If you're wondering how multiplayer works in a game like Man of Medan, this dev diary details the multiplayer modes, and we also talk about them in our review.

Do you have a friend in mind for this?

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

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