Man named Optimus Prime arrested for vehicle theft

If he was the real Optimus, he wouldn't need to steal a car he could just become it.

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A 37-year-old Texas man by the name of Optimus Prime Blakely has been charged with unauthorised use of a motor vehicle. It wasn't reported what vehicle Optimus took, but if history is to teach us anything, it was a sick red and blue truck with flames on it.

According to Deadline, Prime was stopped on the 4th of June after police spotted him driving a stolen vehicle. Not much more information has been given out on Optimus himself, or the crime, but he was taken to the Travis County Jail and was being held on an $8000 bond.

We're surprised they found a jail cell to fit Optimus Prime, and we're perhaps even more shocked that the police would stop Optimus when he was clearly on another mission to save the world.

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