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Pokémon Unite

Mamoswine is now available in Pokémon Unite

The ice-type Pokémon is a Melee Defender.

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Mamoswine has now made its debut in Pokémon Unite, roughly one week after the MOBA first made its way onto mobile devices. The ice-type is a Melee Defender and it's able to freeze its opponent's solid with a variety of its attacks. When selecting Mamoswine, players will enter the battle as the pre-evolution Swinub and this evolves into Pilowswine at Lv. 6, before achieving its final form at Lv. 10.

The creature's basic attack inflicts more damage every third attack and it can leave Pokémon frozen for a short duration. Icicle Crash, one of its special moves, sounds pretty useful indeed, as it sends icicles crashing down on the area that you have selected. High Horsepower sounds similarly useful, as this sees Mamoswine charge at high speeds towards its foes using its heavy body weight to hit enemies in its path like a truck.

You can read more details about Mamoswine here.

Pokémon Unite

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