Injustice 2

Malik Forte: Injustice 2 can be "just as big" as competitive MK

The Eleague presenter has high praise for Netherrealm Studios.

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Malik Forte is one of the presenters of Eleague's ongoing Street Fighter V competition, interviewing players on stage after fights, and we recently interviewed him to talk about the competition and the fighting games community (FGC) in general. During the discussion, we asked him why he thinks Street Fighter V is so big, and whether any other games can compete. Here's what he said:

"I mean, Street Fighter is just a household name," Forte responded. "It's been around since the beginning. I feel like, from an accessibility standpoint, it's captivating, especially for watching audiences across the world."

"That said, I do want to see other fighting games, definitely, get a chance to shine on this big stage," he added. "I'm looking at... I'm a big, big proponent of the NRS community, Netherrealm Studios, so I was heavily keeping up with Mortal Kombat, always have. Even going into this Injustice 2 game, I'm looking at this game, because I think it has potential to be just as big. It's just a matter of the communities getting the support, and also it really comes down to how these games are handled from a competition standpoint, from a competitive standpoint. You have Street Fighter, which has the Capcom Cup, so all the stakes of Street Fighter events, or all the Street Fighter majors, the stakes just seem higher because you have these Capcom points on the line, so you're accumulating these Capcom point throughout the year for a tournament that happens at the end of the year. So people take Street Fighter seriously because they know that there are stakes, and I'd like to see that happen for some of these other games, you know, like having one championship and having these majors to kind of build up to that."

"And of course then you have Evo which is the grandiose, the grand daddy of all fighting games. Anything that's on the main stage at Evo has potential to do well as an esport in my opinion. So, I mean, I hope to see more, but I think Street Fighter definitely is, right now, holding that crown, because Capcom went about embracing the competitive community the right way. There were just more tournaments, more opportunity through Capcom and through other tournaments, that's why you see Street Fighter on top right now."

Street Fighter V Group A coverage begins across Twitch and YouTube at 18:00 ET (23:00 BST) tomorrow, followed by the Eleague Street Fighter V Invitational's TV debut at 22:00 ET on TBS (03:00 AM the following day for BST).What fighting games can challenges Street Fighter's competitive crown in the future, if any?

Injustice 2

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