Fast Racing Neo

Making Fast: Racing Neo "the game everybody is waiting for"

Shin'En Multimedia's Martin Sauter on filling the gap left by a lack of F-Zero games on Wii and Wii U.

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We caught up with Martin Sauter from Shin'En Multimedia at the MIX during E3 to learn more about the Wii U exclusive futuristic racer Fast: Racing Neo.

"It's something not very common right now [antigrav racers]," says Sauter. "It's been a long time since we saw games [like these] and we thought we'd fill this gap now. We really worked hard 2.5 years now developing the engine to get all those cool effects in there, make the graphics really exciting. And we really tried to make a game everybody is waiting for."


We also asked Sauter about Shin'En Multimedia's long standing relationship with Nintendo.

"We started 20 years ago I guess working with them on GameBoy Color, so we are very happy working with them. And we don't want to talk so much - why this, why that. We pick this platform, we like this platform and we just want to make the best game possible and we hope you support and we want to make more game like that."

Fast: Racing Neo for Wii U will be available via eShop later this year.

Fast Racing Neo

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