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Sonic Frontiers

Make sure to install your Sonic Frontiers DLC before starting a new game, says Sega

Else it won't be valid after completing the tutorial area.

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Sonic Frontiers is here, and with the launch in mind, Sega has taken to social media to give players a quick warning about how DLC is being handled in the title.

Namely, if you're an owner of the Digital Deluxe Edition, it's said that you should install any DLC you want available before starting a new game, else it will not be valid and available to activate once you pass the tutorial area of the game.

To add to this, Sega warns to make sure to have the most recent patch for the game installed before you install any DLC, and that if you're playing on Xbox, you may need to search for the DLC on the Xbox Store.

Sega does confirm that this does not apply to future DLC, only that which comes in the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, meaning you won't need to start a new game to add in the Monster Hunter DLC, the SA2 shoes, and more down the line.

Sonic Frontiers

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