Magicka keeps getting patches

Arrowhead Studios hard at work

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Earlier this week, Paradox and Arrowhead Game Studios released Magicka, which so far has been seeing good sales and reaching high on the Steam top sold-list. The game has a lot of issues though, especially in multiplayer (which is a big part of the game), and the devs are patching like crazy. The latest status update was just put online on the Steam forums, keeping players up to date on what's going on at Magicka HQ.

"What can you do? Be patient," the Paradox representative writes. And we have to ask the same of you when it comes to our review - with online multiplayer still being in shambles, we simply aren't able to play it enough to review it properly. We hope that Arrowhead will get online multiplayer stable enough for us to play over the weekend.

Local multiplayer works relatively well at this point, so we spent some time clearing out a village of its rude inhabitants yesterday.

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