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Songs Of Conquest
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Magical turn-based strategy game Songs of Conquest to release in early 2022

The release window was announced during the PC Gaming Show.

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Coffee Stain, the publisher behind the massively successful Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic has announced that its magical turn-based strategy game, Songs of Conquest, which is being developed by Lavapotion will be coming in early 2022, as was revealed during the PC Gaming Show.

The game that was originally announced during the 2019 PC Gaming Show has received a new trailer at this year's event, a trailer that showed off some new gameplay and even mentioned a release window of early 2022, which is a little later than expected, as Songs of Conquest was originally planned to launch this year.

"We're super excited to announce that Songs of Conquest will be coming out in early 2022!" said Carl Toftfelt, Lead Game Designer at Lavapotion. "We've been working on this game for the past 4 years and cannot wait to share this magical world full of conquest and adventures with other fans of strategy games."

You can take a look at the new gameplay trailer for the strategy game below.

Songs Of Conquest

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