Magic: The Gathering x Tomb Raider shows off new Secret Lair cards

There's even a unique card for Lara Croft herself.

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Magic: The Gathering is pretty familiar with crossovers at this point. From The Lord of the Rings set to the Marvel cards, we've seen Wizards of the Coast team up with some pretty big franchises. Now, thanks to IGN, we've got a new look at seven cards, including Lara Croft herself.

The seven cards are as follows:

  • Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

  • Heart of the Explorer // The Lost Valley as Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin

  • The Grim Whisper as Bow of Nylea

  • Storms of Yamatai as Anger of the Gods

  • Totec's Spear as Shadowspear

  • Kitezh, Sunken City as Academy Ruins

  • Exclusive Treasure token

The continued experimentation with new cards and crossovers is keeping a well-established card game alive. Senior product designer Daniel Nguyen spoke about how Wizards of the Coast manage to keep each card drop fresh.

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"The goal is always to create products that respect and celebrate the partner, the fans, and that the cards in the drop feel like they belong in someone's deck. All are important, and it's a delicate balance to strike. There are a LOT of conversations that happen during product development with a number of different factors considered, and the inclusion of mechanically unique cards is one of them."

Will you be testing out the Tomb Raider cards in your Magic: The Gathering deck?

Magic: The Gathering x Tomb Raider shows off new Secret Lair cards
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