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Magic: The Gathering is crossing over with Smite

The iconic card game is coming to the third-person MOBA.

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Smite has become one of the top games to find weird and unusual crossovers. Over the years, Nickelodeon, Stranger Things, Transformers, the Ninja Turtles, RuneScape, and more have come to game as crossover events, and the Year 10 keynote at the Smite World Championship over the weekend has revealed the next major crossover, and this will delight fantasy card game players no doubt.

And this is because Magic: The Gathering is coming to Smite. Set to start later this month when Patch 10.1 debuts, the crossover will span multiple patches and weeks and will bring a slew of skins for many of the Gods in the game.

All of the exact skins have not been announced as of yet, but judging by the trailer it looks like Sol, Olorun and Tiamat could be on the cards, amid a couple of others. With the crossover starting soon, we'll know for certain who will be getting skins in a couple of weeks.


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