Mafia III

Mafia III now supports PS4 Pro via patch

Resolution, frame-rate, shadows and motion blur all affected.

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Mafia III has a new build that supports the PS4 Pro, yet Sony and 2K told nobody it was happening, and it's unclear as to when the patch was added due to the update notes mentioning nothing. For example, update 1.05 released on December 20 2016 and mentions nothing on the Pro patch, only bug fixes and the other usual notes, so it's unknown whether it was implemented from the game's release or was introduced in an update.

A forum on NeoGAF has posted all of the important details of the build for 1.05, and here's what was summarised:

- Game resolution is increased to 1440p with a 4K compatible output
- Resolution goes back to standard 1080p when not using a 4K output
- Improved shadow quality in dark game areas and spotlights
- Improved motion blur
- Frame rate drops to just bellow base PS4 but doesn't tear due to the V-Sync

These improvements, like those for the in-game shadows, help to make the game look more elegant. For example, on the base PS4 the shadows are pixelated but on the Pro it is more smooth and flush to give it a more realistic finish, also when the map is dark the shadows are more faded just like in real life again to add that sense of realism.

The frame pacing issues on the base PS4 variant have been fixed as well, which means no more in game stuttering. Now base PS4 players get an evenly placed 30 FPS, and this also translates to the Pro version so there is a perfect frame-rate while you explore the vast city. However, the Xbox One variant of Mafia III still has that frame pacing issue.

There are downsides to the Pro version however. The Pro drops to lower frame-rates of about 28 FPS compared to the Base's 30 FPS lock, going deeper into gang territory and firing a shotgun causes a significant drop in frames to 26 FPS, so this means visible lag for players. Clearly the higher resolution and other effects are clearly eating into the Pro's GPU resources, causing these drops.

Have you noticed a difference on the PS4 Pro?

Mafia III

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