Mafia III

Mafia III: DE's source code reveals Berlin map

The project known as Rhapsody appeared in the source code for the recently re-released open-world adventure.

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The recent re-release of Mafia III: Definitive Edition has inadvertently revealed something that wasn't meant to be seen by the public. Within the updated game file, a modder discovered an unfinished map belonging to cancelled game Rhapsody - a spy thriller by Hangar 13 from a few years ago. The game was meant to take place in Berlin in the 1980s and thanks to an insightful video we now know to what extent the city would have been explored.

The focus is the famous tourist spot Alexanderplatz with its iconic landmark, the Berlin TV tower. Due to the espionage setting, the route of the Berlin Wall is interesting to follow too, with the Youtuber flying over the different districts of the German capital. Rhapsody would have apparently let the player cross the border between East and West Berlin with a vehicle, however, for reasons that remain unclear, the game was cancelled at some point in its development.

Mafia III

Thanks, @IdleSloth84.

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