Madmind cancels Agony Unrated, blames financial difficulties

They'll continue to support the game with new updates though.

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Indie developer Madmind gathered a hefty sum with their Kickstarter campaign for horror game Agony, with the plan being to release the regular game first, reap the rewards, and then release an Unrated version six months later. That plan has now been canceled due to financial problems though, and this is what the developer wrote on their Kickstarter page yesterday evening:

"We regret to inform you that our company is currently struggling with financial problems. Due to technical and legal reasons, Madmind must cancel the development of Agony Unrated. Part of the team will continue to support Agony on Steam and consoles by publishing new patches."

Many backers took to Kickstarter directly to voice their anger, some asking how the financial problems came about while others demanded a refund and some criticised their treatment of the fans, even going as far as to accuse Madmind Studio of lying.

If you need reminding, Agony received very underwhelming reviews on release (you can read ours here), which probably didn't help matters, and the uncensored version was something talked about a lot before release, since a lot had to be cut to be released at all.

Were you waiting for Agony Unrated?


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