Madden NFL 24

Madden Championship Series to feature $1.7 million prize pool for 2024 season

Expect the competitive season to start in September.

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Now that we're counting down the days until Madden NFL 24 debuts, EA has lifted the curtain on the 2024 season for the Madden Championship Series. Set to properly start in early September with the Ultimate Kickoff event, the season will boast a mega $1.7 million prize pool for its players to compete over.

To add to this, EA promises that throughout the season there will be six live, in-person events to compete at, and since Madden NFL 24 will feature crossplay between PC, Xbox Series, and PS5 at launch, the MCS 24 season will also be crossplay enabled.

The MCS 24 season will also directly lead to and culminate at the Ultimate Madden Bowl, which promises a $1 million prize pool for the top 14 Madden players around the world to fight over.

Take a look at the schedule for the MCS 24 season right here.

Madden NFL 24

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