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Mad Catz is launching a new line of RATs this autumn

The futuristic-looking gaming mouse among the resurgent company's upcoming products.

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Mad Catz continues to make its comeback with the hardware manufacturer unveiling its new line of RAT gaming mouse.

The hardware specialist was in a spot of bother last year and had to file for bankruptcy. Despite its financial woes the brand endured and since then, and under new management, steps have been taken to rebuild its fortunes.

Part of that comeback involves product lines including the Strike 4 keyboard, the Freq 4 headset, and the E.S.Pro+ Gaming Earbuds, but the company's range of gaming mice is also getting a revamp.

The so-called RAT line starts with entry-level options for newcomers and ends up with high-tech devices built with pro players in mind, and they retain the modular style and eye-catching build of the old line they're replacing. Perhaps most notable among them is the RAT Air, the wireless mouse+pad combo that was among the products first shown at CES 18 earlier this year.

The revitalised RAT range is set to launch sometime this autumn.

Mad Catz is launching a new line of RATs this autumn

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