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Machop takes the spotlight in Pokémon Go's first Community Day of 2021

Players will also be able to teach Machamp Payback as an exclusive move.

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2020 isn't even over yet, but that hasn't stopped Niantic from revealing some of its plans for the new year. Pokémon Go will be kicking 2021 off with a Community Day dedicated to the fighting-type Pokémon Machop.

On January 16, Machop will be appearing much more frequently in the wild, which enables players to more easily evolve the Pokémon and capture a shiny variant. It has also been revealed that if you evolve a Machop into a Machamp on this day, it will be able to learn Payback as an exclusive move. If you're unfamiliar, Payback in the Pokémon game series is a dark-type move that doubles in power if used after being attacked by a foe.

You can find more information about the upcoming Community Day here.

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