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League of Legends

LVP's Superliga Orange incorporates ESIC's rules

Including Anti-Corruption, Conduct, and Ethics codes.

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Esports competition Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP) has revealed that its Official National League of Legends Competition in Spain - Superliga Orange - has incorporated rules based on the Esports Integrity Coalition's (ESIC) program, helping to provide safeguards to all participants, as explained on the ESIC website.

This program consists of a Code of Conduct for player behaviour; the Anti-Corruption Code to address match-fixing and betting; and the Code of Ethics, and to make sure all players are aware of this they'll have to complete an online tutorial that has been translated into Spanish courtesy of the LVP.

LVP has also introduced a new disciplinary procedure as well, making it public how investigations work and how conflicts will be resolved, with match reports also being published after each match in an effort to improve transparency.

"ESIC offers the structure so that LVP takes a further step towards improving resolution of conflicts and cheating both in live events and in online competitions. This makes sure the League, the teams, players and the rest of the staff are connected under a solid new regulatory structure consolidating LVP as a world leader in esports governance and integrity," the announcement reads.

Are you pleased to see these rules come into place?

League of Legends
Photo: LVP

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