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      League of Legends

      LVP no longer working on Riot Games' UKLC competition

      The UKLC is built to show off UK talent, and head of UK esports Mo Fadl thanks LVP for their help thus far.

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      The UKLC, the official League of Legends UK championship, was established with the help of LVP, but Riot's head of UK esports Mo Fadl has revealed that they'll no longer be working with LVP on the UKLC next year, but that they still remain "a valued partner" for Riot.

      "We really appreciate their hard work helping to establish the UKLC and Forge of Champions over the past two years," he writes.

      "Right now, we're discussing our options for the UKLC in 2020, and while we totally understand people's desire to speculate and interpret, any speculation on what we will do is genuinely premature. We are keeping teams up to date, and we'll make sure to let fans know what's happening when the time is right."

      "We're super proud of how far the UKLC and Forge of Champions have come in the last two years, and we will continue our commitment in levelling up the regional league ecosystem for League of Legends in the UK and across Europe."

      The UKLC has seen teams like Fnatic Rising and Excel compete to show off UK talent, and Twickenham Stadium has even hosted the competition too.

      Are you sad to see LVP go?

      League of Legends
      Photo: Riot Games

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