Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

Luigi's Mansion 2 returns next summer

This HD remaster could be one of the last Nintendo Switch titles.

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It's pretty evident at this point that Nintendo is barrelling towards a new console. This past Nintendo Direct was a great confirmation of just that as many of the projects and titles were remasters of former games. One of these very projects is Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, and while we are still lacking a firm release date for the game, we have now been shown off a bunch of gameplay and given an idea when it will make its arrival.

Set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2024, the game will see Luigi returning and hunting some ghosts and spectres, all with the help of faithful spooky companion, Polterpup. The game even gave us a glimpse of the cooperative action, and for looks at this and more, you can check out the Nintendo Direct trailer below.


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