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League of Legends

LPL's MSI representative will be competing at the event remotely

"Ongoing pandemic challenges" have led to Riot having to adapt.

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Riot Games has revealed that the League of Legends Pro League's representative for the Mid-Season Invitational will not be attending the tournament in Busan, South Korea in-person, and will be competing at it remotely from China.

The reason for the decision is due to the LPL "facing ongoing pandemic challenges" as of late. Riot has stated that it has come to the conclusion that it will not be a problem to allow the team to compete from China, but that it will be doing so from the LPL Arena in Shanghai, "in accordance with local health and safety protocols."

To ensure the competition remains fair, all teams will be practising and competing with 35ms of network latency, to reflect the ping that will be felt between the Chinese teams competing from China.

The Mid-Season Invitational starts on May 10 and runs until May 29.

League of Legends

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